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Twenty Seven Weeks

I totally admire those amazing she-ro women that can make a sweet baby book. They have all the right pieces to scrapbook with and little accents that are uber swoon-worthy. I just ain't one of them. I have convinced myself that it's going to be ok because I have 2 boys and I don't personally know too many 19 year old guys that "ooh" and "ahh" over their first steps or when they said their first word. I could be justifying a huge injustice but hey, what can I do now unless I make stuff up?

Well, now that I am having a girl I feel as though she might be interested in some certain facts. I know that I personally like to go through the baby book that my mom made for me. So here we are. Perhaps this is my version of a modern day scrap book - Blogging and Instagram.

So little one, this is what your ma has been going through while producing your life.


To my baby girl,

Weeks: 27

Top 5 Cravings: 

1.Skor Blizzards from DQ - You'll be happy to know that your Daddy has been so good at getting me these at anytime we request one

2. Salt & Vinegar chips 

3. Olives (weird)

4. Watermelon

5. A 6-inch veggie sandwich from Subway

My go-to outfit:

The maxi dress. Both your brothers were birthed in rain season so I was destined to wear a bath robe and old navy maternity jeans for 9 months. You can imagine how excited I am to wear dresses and skirts everyday. It's like the modern-day "moo-moo" 

Your most active time: 

So far, you've been a star. You don't seem to wake up at nights when I get up to go to the bathroom… You wait it out till the morning, which I appreciate. You get your kicks and stretches in from around 7-10pm - and I can work with that.


I've had your name in my head since I thought your brothers were girls so unless one of your "friends" takes it before you are born, it's set. I'll have to keep it under wraps though. People are crazy out here. I'll tell you about it later ;)

My favourite purchase for you:

You will LOVE IT!!!!! I have a two-piece, high-waisted, nautical-striped bikini waiting for our trip to Maui. Eeeek!

My preggo side effects:

1.My leg hairs have stopped growing - haven't had to shave in a couple months. Not even joking.

3. I don't have breakouts. It's as if you have commanded an end to the oils that I normally produce.

2. I don't have to wash my hair. Seriously, it doesn't get nasty!! I can shower without getting my hair wet and it just refuses to get greasy. I wanted to see how long I could go without washing it because that can be such a pain but then your Dad suggested that the idea was gross so I shouldn't do that.  

*I know this section seems gross and borders on the line of "TMI" but I assure you that I am clean and just excited that I don't have to stand in front of a mirror drying my hair for an hour each day.


People. They seem to say the strangest things to a pregnant woman. I feel like I will address this in further detail in a future post titled, "What not to say to a pregnant woman". I've been asked about 4 times if I'm overdue which makes me feel like I must look like I'm in distress or overly large, which I don't think that I am but if I was that would be ok because I'M PREGNANT PEOPLE!!

I assure you it is not appreciated. 

Well baby girl, I hope that gives you a little insight to where I'm at. I will see you in just 13 short weeks although I feel like I already know you and so far… you have our heart.


Father's Day Cards

Rifle Paper Co. is a company that always has adorable hand painted cards for every occasion. Picking cards in the store can be a bit of a chore when they are all cheesy and you're just deciding which one is the most tolerable. With a few weeks until Fathers Day, head on over to and order online! You can also buy Rifle Paper Co. products at Indigo, and The Cross Decor & Design in Vancouver. 

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Hair Tutorial ++ Ponytail Roll

This hair tutorial is super easy, quick, and can be worn messy for an everday look, or sleek for a night out with a bit of backcombing at the root for volume. 

1. Pull hair back into a low ponytail. 

2. Roll all the ends and the elastic back until hidden.

3. Use pins to secure on the inside of the roll so that the pins are hidden. 


This From That ++ Outfit Inspiration

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