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Feedback Photos ++ Living Four Seasons

We recently did a giveaway where the winner turned out to be Vicky from Living Four Seasons blog in Norway! We were pretty stoked as we have been featured on her blog in previous months. She had requested our "City Subway" decal be customized to include all of the cities and places that she and her husband had lived in. How fun and personal is that? Turns out these people are quite the world travellers as their list required that I add quite a bit of length to the original decal. Must be nice ;)

I love how she styled it and I think she found the perfect spot for it! Good thing our decals are removable. Perhaps they'll be off jetsetting another country in the near future?


Big thanks to Vicky for the feedback photos. Follow Vicky on instagram @livingfourseasons


A Superhero Party

This weekend we got to celebrate Mattias' 6th Birthday!! Totally cliche and expected but I honestly cannot believe that I have a 6 year old!! It just all happened so fast even though in the moment (mostly around the 3 year stage) it felt like life was moving at a snails pace. Well, once again we celebrated another year of his life.

Now, I should start off by confessing that since I get really nervouse about being super lame I have to admit that I haven't had a real party for Mattias since his 1st birthday - awful I know - I can hear your gasps of horror through my computer ;) I just have so many friends that are amazing at throwing a party that I was petrified and figured Mattias wouldn't really know anyway. Well, this year he did know and he has been asking about a party for the past 6 months so I knew I wasn't going to get away without planning one.

It was 2 hours of complete chaos. 12 boys for just Paul and I to entertain. About 5 minutes into it Paul and I gave each other looks of "What have we done?" but all in all it seemed to go exactly as one would expect. Loud, chaotic and tons of begging for cupcakes. Here are a few shots of the party!

Since I'm all about pictures, we thought it would be fun to make a little photo wall that the kids can stand in front of and pose for a few pics. I designed a sort of retro superhero wall and made it into decals. I was so happy with how it turned out and it was so fun to see the look on Mattias' face when he saw it for the first time.

 We had a little game of "Pin the star on the Captain America shield".

Then I called upon my ridiculously talented friends that saved my butt in the food department! We got cupcakes made by Elysha of Delysh Designs!

and sugar cookies made by Julie at The Whisk!

I HIGHLY recommend both of these ladies if you live in the lower mainland! I just sent them my theme and ideas and they made them into reality! Both ladies are FANTASTIC to work with :)

All in all it was a great time and I loved see Mattias with all of his little friends. Thank goodness I have a whole year to recuperate till the big 7!

Happy Birthday Mattias! you are one special boy that has an infectious smile and a joyful heart that shines every day! I am so blessed to be your mom xo


First Birthday Polka Dot Decals

The lengths that some mamas will go to for their kiddos. I received an invite from my good friend Jasalyn (from Jasalyn Thorne Photography) a couple weeks back - it was her daughters first birthday and she was getting ready for the party. When you picture a party you think a little cake, pin the tail on the donkey, kids crying… yada yada yada.. Not for this girl though. This party was the essence of elegance, coral and cute little bunnies. Jasalyn pulled out all the stops. She used our polka dot decals in gold and a custom giant letter A for an accent wall along with hundreds of mini eggs and flower cakes.  Isn't it pinterest perfect?! Attention to detail is apparently a strong point for mama. 

Happy Birthday Abbey! One looks good on you ;)


Get your polka dots HERE


Photo Credit: Jasalyn Thorne Photography


Fresh Windows ++ Violet Hill Boutique

This week I put up some new decals on the windows of Violet Hill Boutique in Steveston, BC. 

Shop Decals Here


New Decal ++ Anchors