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Wake up slow...


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Instagram look back at Hawaii

1. "Daddy and Isla canoodling... Mattias photobombing #typicalshenanigans"

2. "He be climbing trees."

3. "New Years Day ☀"

4. "Goodnight."

5. "This little chicky makes me feel all sorts of happy. ❤"

6. "Isla & Max... Just taking it all in"

7. "Looking up!"

8. "My baby girl"


Holidays in Maui ++ Instagram 

1. "Woke up in heaven"

2. "The best way to learn how to swim would be..."

3. "Beach Babe"

4. "#planking"

5. "#nohairdontcare"

6. "Pretty Bird."

7. "Dusk"

8. "It was a year ago today that I sat by my dads hospital bed in what would be our last conversation here on earth. I just found out that I was pregnant and I was able to share my secret with him. Just a few days later he passed away... but I was so thankful that I was able to share my news with him while he was coherent and able to understand. It was the circle of life having a life growing inside of me while watching my father pass away. Joy in the midst of grief. Now, a year later I hold this perfect baby girl and I am so thankful for her. Every day has been a gift and I am so thankful for this little life that has been given to me. God is so faithful xo"


Life Lately ++ Through Instagram

1. "Bath time for Isla! Big thanks to @ecodivabeauty for all the organic baby bath products!! Isla will be feeling like quite the diva ;)"

2. "I'd say its pretty obvious what I'm thankful for ❤"

3. "In love with my new #ssprintshop print!! All the things I love to do in one gorgeous print  stephsterjovski"

4. "Love her to the moon and back. #awkwardnosekiss"

5. "Boys collecting rocks while @hardyboy photobombs. #latergram"

6. "After I rolled over, I decided to melt my moms heart with my cuteness"


Happy Sunday ++ #Islagram

1. "Must be a good dream #islagram"

2. "Huge thank you to @jasalynthorne for capturing this moment between Daddy and his princess. This has to be one of my favorite photos. Ever."

3. "I'm actually obsessed. #islagram"

4. "I'm sorry for all the "kid posts"... but seriously."

5. "Hey polka dot!"

6. "Having a baby is anything but glamorous. The last few days have been filled with lots of tears, cabbage leaves, changes in my body that you cant "un-see", Tylenol that doesn't quite cut it and two brothers (who have horrible coughs) that can't really keep their hands off her. BUT I'm so so grateful for this sweetheart. She is such a gift and has changed our lives forever :)"