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1. Do your decals damage the walls?

The material that we use for our decals is specifically made for indoor use. They have a matte finish that carry the look of being painted on. Although they are removable they are not reusable. 


2. Can you apply these to textured walls?

This is a tricky question and one that depends on the type of texture and finish. We don't recommend it but are more then happy to send you samples before you make your purchase.


3. Do you do custom orders?

Some seasons are busier then others and we take on custom orders as time sees fit. Email us at with your idea, size and colours and we'll let you know!


4. Do you post giveaways?

We love supporting small businesses and meeting new people. Send us an email at with your ideas and products. We love to support other artists and sellers anyway that we can.


5. Where do you get inspiration for you designs? 

With the initial design process of my decals I spent the majority of my time thinking and dreaming of what I would like in my home and then also what I see as being something that people would like or need in their own home. I also am very blessed to be surrounded by some of the most amazing, talented and creative people and I find that it just sort of rubs off and inspires me as well. 



6. As a mother to two very busy boys, how do you balance your business, life, blogging and parenthood? 

This would hands down be my biggest challenge in life and one that I do not claim to have answers for. I am very thankful that I have been able to work from home and be with my boys at the same time. I get the best of both worlds. However, it is a constant juggling act and every day looks very different. I realize that I only get this time with my boys once and it remains at the forefront of my priority list so for now, I do the best that I can and try to have fun with it all. 


7. Why did you start a blog? And what have you enjoyed about blogging? 

I started my blog because I felt like I wanted to reach people some other way then "check out our new decal" or "look where my decal as been featured". It's just been fun to write and share about everything that inspires me. I have really enjoyed the people that I have met from blogging... brilliant, thoughtful, beautiful people. 


8. What do you like to do in your free time?  {If you have any!} 

I love love love adventures with my family. Whether its riding our bikes through Stanley Park or a road trip to Seattle. We don't sit still and we determine to make memories that will last.